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Good1 is a remote controlled automatic gate system specialy designed to provide comfort and lasting automation to you. Engineered to be relied upon and built to withstand heavy usage. This versatile system can be installed to existing gates of your home or factory. The drive units of the system are mounted in the ground and out of sight and thus do not alter the aesthetic appearance of a gate.

Fast Operation
The motor unit that drives the mechanism has among the fastest operation speed in the industry -8 to 10 seconds for 90′ turn.

An inbuilt safety clutch system suspends the motion of the gate should any obstacle be encountered in its path. During the closing or opening sequence, the friction clutch will automaticaly operate to prevent injury or damage.

Durable and Weathe Shield components
Major component parts such as casing and actuator arm are made of tough, enduring and rust resistant materials. The motor drive unit itself is housed in a weather and waterproof, aluminium alloy casing.

Silent Operation
A silent D.C motor unit drives the mechanism to provide a seemingly effortless operation.

The code transmitter affords convenient operation within the confines of a vehicle(even with windows wound up) from a distance of 30 to 50 metres. In the event of a power failure, the gate can be opened manually with ease with a special passkey.

Foolproof coding for security
Because the system is coded, the DC Lock ensures that once the gate is closes, no unauthorised opening is possible. The special code enables the gate to be opened only with your transmitter or passkey.

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